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Vitacress and KeySoil team up to improve soil fertility

In 2010, with concerns over long-term sustainability of the soil on its UK farms, Vitacress Salads Limited and KeySoil Ltd embarked on a 3-year project, exclusive to VSL, to produce a farms land rotation blueprint that will enable Vitacress to become world class growers. The goal is to build fertility and sustainability year on year, increasing yields, crop quality and shelf life to improve profitability, and enabling continuity of supply, even in adverse conditions when others may struggle.

Results from the 2010 trials already show that significant benefits in yield can be gained from use of green waste compost. The 2011 trials will continue to look at compost in more detail as well as other materials, and by the end of 2011, project leader and farms agronomist Shaun Clarkson will set out a blueprint for sustainable use of VSL land.

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