Why KeySoil?

A well-cared-for soil is profitable as an agricultural resource and delivers important local environmental benefits. It is less likely to erode and resists runoff, protecting our water from pollution by nutrients, pesticides and sediments. It will produce fewer harmful greenhouse gases and will support higher levels of agricultural production.

Soils and agriculture play an important role in controlling global carbon cycles that affect our climate. In the future we may look to soils and trees to store carbon globally, bio-energy will be produced from crops and their residues as well as from animal wastes, and new resources will become available for use in agriculture.

However, despite its fundamental importance, soil is often managed in ways that ignore its full potential, in both agricultural and environmental terms.

In an increasingly complex world where decisions made at a local level can impact not only profitability and practice but also the environment and consumer attitudes, KeySoil offers unique, tangible benefits.

KeySoil couples a range of online tools, farmers' experience, and scientific expertise to help you manage the organic matter in your soils, making the best decisions for your soil, your business and the environment.

Users can choose which tools best meet their needs. Click on the tabs above to learn more about the KeySoil tools KeySoil Range, KeySoil Status, KeySoil Returns, KeyC and KeySoil Footprint.

If you would like to explore further how organic matter management can increase the financial returns to your business, our brochure "Profiting from Organic Matter" provides further information for a wide range of management practices.

Discover KeySoil - Unlocking Soil Potential.